1. With the game off, remove the glass and pull out the playfield into its service position.
  2. Remove the existing Stern tournament slot plug from the front of the cabinet located bellow the start button. (Be carful not to disconnect the wires from the start button.)
  3. Completely remove the plastic nut from the main PinPort unit that faces the player.
  4. Fish the wire connected to the PinPort through the now open tournament slot so that the main unit is flush with the cabinet.
  5. Run the wire through the nut and snug the main unit to the cabinet so that it does not spin.
  6. Using the existing wire guides run the wire from the front of the cabinet to the head making sure there are no possible catch points that could hinder the movement of the playfield for maintenance.
  7. Once the wire has been successfully run up to the head, open the backbox so that the main spike board is visible.
  8. Insert the opposite USB end of the PinPort into either the CN20 or the CN21 USB Slots located on the Stern Spike Board.
  9. Make sure the PinPort wire is tucked away nicely so that the backglass illumination LEDs are not obstructed.
  10. Reassemble the backbox, playfield, and glass to complete the PinPort installation process.
  11. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the PinPort easy update mod

Downloadable Installation Instructions

PinPort Installation Instructions (pdf)